I shall Conquer (vinyl) – Leviticus (Remastered )

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The band’s first EP was released in 1982, called Stå och titta på, with all lyrics in Swedish and later in 1983 Jag Skall Segra!, which Google translates as ”I’ll Win.” I’m not sure how accurate Google translations are because in 1983 Leviticus released an English version of that album titled I Shall Conquer (1984), which was most of America’s first experience of the band. It’ll also might help you understand why many of the lyrics didn’t rhyme.  I remember shaking my head as a 15-year-old confused as to why musically it sounded so good but the lyrics felt a bit out of place.  Upon reflection, we understand all these years later that the album was written in Swedish and then transposed to English later on.  In any case, the album is raw, unpolished, and sometimes uneven, but I love the unpretentious sound and feel of it. The album has a dynamic range that extends from mid-tempo rockers to an almost peaceful, Pink Floyd kind of style on some songs. The vocals by original singer/bassist Håkan Andersson really make this a work of art.  Loaded with keyboards and guitars yet somehow not too flashy.  It’s a solid mid-tempo hard rocker, but the real show-stoppers are the quieter, more reflective tracks ”Psalm 23” and ”All Is Calm.” Both build to a crescendo in a grandeur way.  If you haven’t experienced Leviticus before, start here with I Shall Conquer.

Björn Stigsson – All guitars, Moog-Taurus pedal, Syntesizers, vocals
Håkan Andersson – Bass, Moog – Taurus pedal, lead-vocals
Kjell Andersson – Drums and Percussion

  1. I Shall Conquer
  2. Let Me Fight
  3. He’s My Life
  4. Doubt
  5. Action More Than Words
  6. All Is Calm
  7. Day by Day
  8. Strive Forwards
  9. Psalm 23

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I Shall Conquer, The Strongest PowerSetting Fire To the Earth, Knights of Heaven, and Live At Bobfest have been completely remastered for CD (from original sources) by Rob Colwell of Bombworks Sound. All of them come in a high quality jewel case with 8 page booklet, a limited edition trading card, lyrics, photos and credits and are part of the Girder Music Legends of Rock™ series.

I Shall Conquer, The Strongest PowerSetting Fire To the Earth and Knights of Heaven, are also available on random colored vinyl for the first time ever. They come with 2-sided full color, 12×12″ printed insert containing lyrics, photos and credits along with a black poly-lined inner sleeve to protect your vinyl. The vinyl are part of the Limited Run Vinyl™ and are truely limited with just 200 copies made.

CD release date is Nov. 6 and Vinyl release date Dec. 31, 2021 (barring no further covid-19 delays from manufacturing)