The Collection : Andrae Crouch


Med anledning av Andraé Crouch bortgång i januari återutger vi boxen The Collection Andraé Crouch boxen The Collection innehåller på 3 CD de bästa och mest välkända Crouch låtarna under temat The Classics, We sing Praises och The Contemporary Man

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Vol I THE CLASSICS 1. Just Like He Said He Would 2. Take Me Back 3. Sweet Love Of Jesus 4. Jesus Is The Answer 5. It Won’t Be Long 6. Tell Them 7. Through It All 8. Soon And Very Soon 9. I Don’t Know Why 10. I’m Gonna Keep On Singin’ 11. I’ll Be Thinking Of You 12. I’ve Got Confidence 13. They Shall Be Mine 14. My Tribute Vol II WE SING PRAISES 1. Quiet Times 2. That’s Why I Needed You 3. We Need To Hear From You 4. Praises 5. Sweet Communion 6. All That I Have 7. We Are Not Ashamed 8. Thouch Me 9. Bringing Back The Sunshine 10. Dreamin’ 11. Polynesian Praise Song 12. I’ll Still Love You 13. Bless His Holy Name Vol III THE CONTEMPORARY MAN 1. This Is Another day 2. Please Come Back 3. Finally 4. Perfect Peace 5. It Ain’t No New Thing 6. Oh Saviour 7. All The Way 8. Jesus Is Lord 9. It’s Gonna Rain 10. Lookin’ For You 11. The Choice 12. You Can Depend On Me 13. I’ve Got The Best 14. Let’s Worship Him