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After over 20 years together, countless miles on the road, thousands of stages, major awards, accolades, and chart-topping hits, Point of Grace has spent the last few years honing a new sound. Since becoming a trio in 2007 the women of Point of Grace have been showcasing their vocals and harmonies in a new way. This new sound has created hits such as "How You Live (Turn Up The Music)," "I Wish," "There Is Nothing Greater Than Grace," and "Come To Jesus."

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But no "hits" project from this talented trio would be complete without past favorites such as "Circle Of Friends," "The Great Divide," "God Is With Us," and "Day By Day." The addition of one 2011 track, "Hole In The World," (previously written and recorded by the Eagles, after September 11th, 2001) gives fans, new and old, something to love on this great compilation, "Turn Up The Music": The Hits Of Point Of Grace!